samedi 9 août 2014

Miriam MAKEBA - "Khawuleza! Hurry Mama, please don't let them catch you !

Khawuleza! Khawuleza is a South African song. It comes from the townships, locations, reservations, whichever, near the cities of South Africa, where all the black South Africans live. The children shout from the streets as they see police cars coming to raid their homes for one thing or another. They say "Khawuleza Mama!" which simply means "Hurry Mama! Please, please don't let them catch you!"

As Miriam explains herself, Khawuleza talks about the police raids that used to happen in colonized South Africa. It took a lot of courage for a black artist to sing a song like this, because it was seen as "political" and an offence against the government.

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